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Indigenous Services

Sustainable Framework – Bridging the Gap

New Start is passionate about working with Clients to develop a sustainable framework that focuses on addressing workforce skill gaps and supporting the economic and social wellbeing of Aboriginal people.

We have partnered with major organisations and education providers to facilitate real change for Aboriginal people wanting to enter the workforce, as well as improve career pathways for existing Aboriginal staff. New Start works closely with Clients to support local and rural employment districts by providing culturally sensitive employment services through unique pre-employment training opportunities, transition to work programs, as well as ongoing mentoring & coaching.

Supply Nation Certified

Cultural Awareness & Sensitivity Training Programs

Indigenous Business Direct

New Start are the market leaders in the delivery of Cultural Awareness & Sensitivity Training. We have delivered Cultural Awareness & Sensitivity Training nationally to some of Australia’s largest employers and most recognised brands. Our Training can be tailored to suit audience and industry-specific needs, participant availability and both small and large classroom sizes. We have a range of delivery models to cater single and multi-state implementations.

Online e-Learning Modules are also available, which can be customised and aligned to current business plans, goals, policies and procedures to ensure Learning is relevant and complementary.

Tailored Learning Materials such as Handbooks, aligned to an organisation’s RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan) can be a valuable tool for key stakeholders to engage effectively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to support a positive employment journey with higher levels of staff participation, engagement and retention.

This is one of our most popular Training Packages, and we are continually receiving positive feedback from course participants representing all levels of the organisation’s hierarchy from CEO/GM level to entry level staff.

Topics include:


  • Hidden History of Australia – understanding how historic Government Policy has shaped Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce participation and engagement

  • Cultural and Social Perception – impact on workforce participation and engagement including under-representation and barriers to entry

  • Effective Communication and Engagement Strategies – building positive and effective engagement strategies for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

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